[sechead title=”ABOUT SURGEBOOM”]Surgeboom Digital Marketing is a Dallas, TX based digital marketing agency which provides internet marketing strategy i.e Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing to your business which allows you to reach your target by both online and offline means. We are committed to increase and improve our clients brand and their online and offline visibility and overall success using our expertise and having team members who have deep knowledge in implementing custom SEO and Social Media strategies.

With our partner Webratna  in India, we are also able to leverage cost effective resources who help in building tools, provide analytics reports to clients and also monitor campaigns.[/sechead]


At Surgeboom, we know what it means to be top notch. Surgeboom team engages with clients to help channelize Digital Emotions & deliver a stellar Digital Success with proven methods.


At Surgeboom, we involve our clients right from start and educate them on every step of the way giving previous case studies of success in Industry and why we are proposing certain campaign, tactic, tool.  We show results and we inform clients on what we did. We give detailed reports on regular basis which is different than many in industry who will do work but won’t given specifics of what they are doing and why.


Using proven Social Media and SEO strategies that help most enterprises to succeed, we help our clients and their businesses bring their brands to the forefront of their industry.


[team image=”928″ name=”SULAY SHAH” job=”Founder” icon1=”fa fa-envelope” soc1=”mailto:[email protected]” icon2=”fa fa-facebook” soc2=”http://www.facebook.com/asksulay” icon3=”fa fa-linkedin” soc3=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/asksulay/”]

Sulay Shah is inspiration and Co-Founder of Surgeboom Digital Marketing company. He looks after client acquisitions and project coordination.

Sulay is also the founder of Canada startups and oversees all function of the organization. As the founder, Sulay effectively manages his subordinated and partners, providing oversights and advice to steer the company towards continuous growth

[team image=”930″ name=”RICKY SHAH” job=”PARTNER” icon1=”fa fa-envelope” soc1=”mailto:[email protected]” icon2=”fa fa-facebook” soc2=”https://facebook.com/ricky709″ icon3=”fa fa-linkedin” soc3=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricky709/”]

Ricky Shah is an SEO and Digital marketing enthusiast from India. His primary role in the company is to handle SEO section and lead generation.

Ricky is also the founder of Webratna and several other successful ventures. His extensive experience and knack of understanding clients need has helped to secure the exponential growth of Surgeboom.

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[calltoaction image=”103″ linkbox=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsurgeboom.com%2Ffree-consultation%2F|title:Contact%20Us||”]We are helping canadastartups.ca in strategy, content & technology and also a GTA based Real Estate Agent to improve his brand.[/calltoaction]