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Professional development

Surgeboom Expertise

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  • Web Development (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento.. etc)
  • Core PHP, .Net based web app and software
  • ERP/ CRM and custom staff management software
  • Billing software
  • Digital marketing/ SEO/ Inbound marketing
  • Mobile app development (Android, iOS)
  • UI design and testing
  • PPC
  • Lead Generation
  • Website/ domain flipping
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-building” title=”Mobile Ready”]All our development work ensures that the site is responsive and mobile ready. We understand the fact that large user base is using mobile and tablets now.[/linhtinh]
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-cog” title=”Latest Technology”]Our highly qualified team adopts to any new technology quickly. All our development and digital marketing strategy is updated instantly to take advantage of new technology[/linhtinh]
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-file-text-o” title=”Free Consultation”]Get surprised about different verticals and business opportunities available in your segment. No obligation FREE CONSULTATION is available to all our new and old customers[/linhtinh]
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-area-chart” title=”Digital Marketing”]Digital marketing is a core of our business. Surgeboom leverages advantage of popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and many more[/linhtinh]
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-arrows” title=”Customize Development”]Our strengths are Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Android development but we do provide development services in .NET, Java, Python and Ruby also.[/linhtinh]
[linhtinh icon=”fa fa-comment” title=”Support”]Everyone needs support. We understand the value of quick resolution. We offer 24×7 support via email. All our tickets are replied within promptly. We are also a phone call away.[/linhtinh]

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    [calltoaction image=”103″ linkbox=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsurgeboom.com%2Ffree-consultation%2F|title:Contact%20Us|target:%20_blank|”]We are helping canadastartups.ca in strategy, content & technology and also a GTA based Real Estate Agent to improve his brand.[/calltoaction]